Onnenai Visitor Center

Take a stroll on a boardwalk around the Kushiro Marsh

The Onnenai Visitor Center is a place to learn about and experience the Kushiro Marsh. It is located near the parking area on Hokkaido Route 53, around 35 minutes away by car from JR Kushiro Station or Kushiro Airport. Inside, you can see various exhibits and displays about the flora and fauna of the marsh, as well as other seasonal information. The center also features a 3.1-kilometer long wooden boardwalk on which you can enjoy a stroll around the marsh.

Some of the shrubland birds you can see in the area include stonechats and yellow-breasted buntings. On summer evenings, you can also see fireflies glowing near the boardwalk. In autumn, you can hear the calls of Japanese cranes through the crisp air, and in winter, you might see Sika deer when you go cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing across the snow-covered wetland.

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