Heart'n Tree

A restaurant with a view on top of a hill

Come and spend a blissful time in this restaurant on top of a hill. Their mission is to support local dairy farms, and their dishes are all homemade. You can enjoy pizza made with their original cheese, whey bread, milk curry, lunch sets, and cakes. You can also experience a variety of activities, such as cooking lessons for world dishes, string cheese making, and organic herb cosmetics making. There is also a guest house where you can stay while enjoying views of the star-filled sky.

Restaurant Heart’n Tree Concept

1. We use local Tsurui milk in our dishes.
2. Though they take some time to prepare, all our dishes are homemade.
3. We value food safety and security, so we use all-natural products as much as possible.
4. We go local. Our vegetables and dairy products are sourced from Tsurui or Hokkaido as much as possible.
5. For cheese, we use our original cheese or Tsurui natural cheese.


Enjoy various hands-on activities while admiring the view from the top of the hill. You can try making string cheese, herb salt, herbal tea, herbal spray, herb sausages, or freshly baked bread. You can also join cooking lessons for food recipes from other countries.
◆Fee: from 4,200 yen (includes lunch and a drink)

Stay in a unit cottage or a guest house (3 rooms, up to 3 persons per room)

You can enjoy a relaxing stay with exclusive views of the sunrise and the starry night sky.
◆Guest House: 8,800 yen per adult (1 night 2 meals)
Facilities: single bed ×2, sofa bed ×1, gas heater, bath towels, face towels, toothbrush, hot water bottle
※Toilet, washing machine, and shower room are communal use. Meals served at Restaurant Heart’n Tree.
◆Cottage: 10,800 yen per adult (1 night 2 meals)
Facilities: double bed ×2, sofa bed ×1, bathroom, toilet, simple kitchen (with gas stove), gas heater, TV, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave oven, bath towels, bath robes, shampoo, conditioner, soap, tableware, toothbrush, hot water bottle, board games, etc.
※Pets are allowed. Meals served at Restaurant Heart’n Tree.

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